20 Best Movie Sites for Watch Movies Online and Free

site for watch movies online

Are you looking sites for watch movies online and do you want to watch movies online and without leaving home? Watch out for this ranking.

We all like to watch a good movie from time to time. 

Movies of those that leave us with our mouths open or that we feel great satisfaction when we get up from the sofa and realize that we have learned something new or have simply spent a pleasant time in front of the screen. The seventh art can reach our hearts and make us feel unforgettable moments, with movies that catch us from the beginning to the end.

New sites for watch movies online

If a few decades ago only, the movies were in black and white and had to see in movies or on TV, today, technology has revolutionized not only how to make these works of art but also to see them. We can all connect to your computer and watch one of the films newly released without charge. It is now possible to enjoy the best audiovisual content anytime, anywhere.

And, certainly, all or almost all have searched websites to watch movies online with the aim of enjoying an afternoon or evening home theater, especially those where no accompanying time and fancy days relaxing with a good “movie” and good company.

Best free online movie websites

Although sometimes it can be a problem to find good pages to enjoy a good movie, as some websites are full of invasive advertising, in the world 2.0 there are some “sites” that can be useful and allow us to have the best possible experience

Of course, that we recommend these sites does not mean that neither I personally nor this digital magazine we agree with any violation of the copyright laws that protect copyrights of cinematographic works. The following websites provide free audiovisual material, however, it is under its responsibility that these contents do not contravene any laws or regulatory rules.

In this article, you can find  20 movie websites for watch movies online and free. Shall we start?

1. Gnula.nu

Gnula is one of the best sites for watch movies online and free. It was created in 2013 and since then has greatly improved its quality. His movies are in HD quality, and you can see them in various languages. How to download free movies Step by Step

2. Miradetodo.net

Miradetodo.net is one of the best movie websites and is spam free, so you will hardly have trouble viewing the movies. On this page, it is possible to find a wide variety of movies this year, as its repertoire is based on current “movies”, from 2009 to the latest news.

3. Repelis.tv

This page contains content quality and variety. Your billboard is one of the most interesting for movie buffs, who can find the last fair premieres at the top of the “site”. This helps to find new products, which is always interesting to know. The website also highlights the most viewed and valued by users movies.

4. Pelispedia.tv

As if “Wikipedia” were, you can find a lot of content here but in the form of movies, because in this place you can enjoy many movies both in the original version and subtitled. It is also possible to see the series.

5. MoviesPlanet.is

One of the best sites for watch movies online in English. A page of high quality, simplicity, reliability and HD content. This is one of the best websites to feature movies enjoy 24 hours of the day. Tamil Movie Download: Top 75 Free HD Tamil Movies Download Sites

6. ProgramsFullMega.com

Undoubtedly, a page you might like, especially if you want to watch movies in Castilian. The good thing about this page is that you can not only watch movies online, but you can download them and watch them at another time that you don’t have an internet connection.

7. Pelis24.com

A highly recommended site for excellent quality and variety of content. On the website, you can find various options, like movies in the original language, classic movies and recent releases.

8. Popcornflix.com (one of the best sites for watch movies online)

Another of those pages at the forefront of online movie sites. Very content, little advertising and unique quality. A large page free movies, from the current to some older.

9. Cinecalidad.com

As its name suggests, is a quality page, where you can find movies in Castilian, Portuguese and English, always with the best quality in HD and Blue Ray. On their website, the different sections are specified in terms of genres: drama, adventure, science fiction, etc. Although advertising can be found at times, it is not an invasive type.

10. Tubeplus.ag

Another great option to watch movies with the highest HD quality and without invasive advertising. Although the design of the page is no big deal, its functionality is excellent. In its content, it is possible to find both movies and television series.

11. Xmovies8

For many, the best online movie website we can find. The vast majority of movies are premiere this year. The web design is good and functional. Almost all of his films are in HD.

12. Snagfilms.com

Another best sites to watch online movies that has a good web design that is very usable and adapts to many screen sizes and offers a good user experience for its non-invasive advertising. It has more than 10,000 free online movies.

13. Films Flv.tv – watch online movies

A website with a wide range of movies divided by genre: comedy, drama, horror … On the page is possible to find a description so you can know if you want to see the movie or not before losing a few minutes seeing something that seemed not was. Tamilyogi 2019 – Watch & Download New Tamil HD Movies Free

14. Cuevana3.com.ar

This free online movie website has been running for some time, making it a classic. It offers a large amount of content in which it is not only possible to view movies, but also series and novels.

15. Classiccinemaonline.com

For anyone who likes movies and also in English, this is the perfect website for watch movies online and free. This “site” presents a variety of movies, both current and classic, so you can spend hours hooked to the screen.

16. 123movies.to

A website with a beautiful and functional design, in which you can not only find movies but also has American, Korean and Chinese series. Series that you may never see on your country’s television. 


This place is not only one of the best websites to watch movies online, but also offers the possibility to watch series. On the other hand, many of the titles in its catalog are relatively unknown but equally recommended oddities.

18. Crackle

Another online web streaming website that is highly recommended for lovers of a variety of genres. In addition, it is also possible to see several of the most current series, which makes it easy to find options that interest more than one person and can be seen in company without complications.

19. Legally free

An excellent collection of movies available on the Internet for free that emphasizes the idea that there is life beyond the premieres of recent years, although there are also some recent surprises.

20. Filmon

One of the free movie websites with a wider repertoire of content, as it includes many documentaries and even short movies.

Are you a cinephile?

If you are a person with a great attachment to the seventh art, it is likely that you will see a movie from your personal computer little by little. We will always have the romanticism of movie theaters, with its smell of popcorn and its screen at full resolution.

Be that as it may, we hope that this ranking awakens in you a pristine interest in tasting some worthwhile feature movie.

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