How to download free movies Step by Step

how to download free movies

Learn how to download free movies. Also watch free movies online and download free movies. Downloading free movies has become normal in recent years. Using programs like uTorrent is equivalent to having one more program on the computer.

But now with the arrival of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO or Sky you can watch movies and series for free during the first month.

You can access your 30 days for FREE with Prime Video and if you are already Prime you have it included.

Do you want to watch movies and series for FREE? Try Amazon Prime Video for 30 days for FREE :

  • Offline content anywhere
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You can also use the traditional method. In the video, I explain how to download movies for free with

if you are going to download movies and an extension of Chrome anti popups.

how to download free movies

The reason for arriving at this is a direct consequence of the money eagerness of the producers and the millions of dollars (or euros) they earn.

The prices of DVDs and Blu-rays are abusive.

And let’s not say the price of the cinema that in many places exceeds € 10 per person without including popcorn.

There are many movie theaters that have closed in recent years.

The excuse is the same as always. The crisis. But indeed it is just that, one more excuse.

The solution to all these problems is to have an adequate price and in the famous ” engagement “, that feeling of commitment and belonging to a brand that is achieved by listening to the client and acting accordingly.

On the other hand, adapting to new technologies is essential.

The case of Wuaki in Spain and Netflix in the USA, Spain and other countries are clear examples of how to reach the viewer and that he is willing to pay to watch movies.

After this reflection, we go to the topic that concerns this post …

How to download free movies

With the arrival of the Amazon Fire TV Stick every time you need less to download movies for free.

how to download free movies
Amazon fire tv stick

To download free movies, it is best to use one of the many websites that link to Torrents or Mega file storage pages to download them.

The one I recommend is, which is a microsite with the best search engines for directly integrated movie download pages.

You can download free utorrent movies without registering to avoid wasting time.

But also

But if you have Netflix in your country, I think it is not worth downloading movies and being in danger of being infected by a virus.

download free movies

Now think about the movie you want to download and write it in one of the search engines.

You can choose between search engines with original version movies and download Spanish subtitles on the same page or download the movie in Spanish on the other search engines.

All pages offer high quality movies. Also in one of the search engines, you can find movies with Latin or Spanish audio from Spain.

With the description that accompanies each search engine, you will get an idea that you will find on the web after the search. In case you are interested, we explain how to download free music in our post.

What movies to download?

If you don’t want any particular movie you can search by genre. Comedy, horror, science fiction or drama are some of the most consulted topics.

Click on the search button without writing any movie and you will access the list of movies offered by each website. Also at the bottom of the web there is a ranking of movies in which you can participate.

You can also access the ranking of imdb movies (in English) to see the best movies of all time that people vote.

Some of our recommended movies you can start with are Matrix, Life is Beautiful, Gladiator, The Final Trick, Avatar, The Impossible and Monsters as Classics and World War Z, Gravity, Hangover 3, Leaving Unchained, Oblivion, After Earth, Jack Reacher, Elysium as 2013 movies.

How to watch movies and series for free?

Thanks to the new online platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Tv, Rakuten Tv or Sky integrated with Smart TV or PlayStation you can watch movies and series for free online with the launch promotions:

Download movies fast and free

If you want to download movies fast and free you must use movie search engines.

Actually, all I propose are good but the problem usually closes quickly (although they change domain), they usually use a lot of advertising and this advertising tries to trick you into installing a spy program or pay for a subscription service that is complicated unsubscribe

Therefore, very careful.

BestTorrent (previously used .org and then .tv) is one of the best ways to download Spanish Utorrent movies when updating movies and series daily although it has a lot of publicity and you have to be careful when clicking on the buttons.

So use search engines that specify the quality of the movie, offering quality DVD, Blu-ray and DVDScreener.

To learn English or watch movies before they arrive in Spain you could use BetterEnVO.

But it was also closed.

The well-known PeliculasYonkis was another good option.

To watch the movies online we also had Cuevana2 that offered a lot of quality.

How do you see it is increasingly difficult to find websites to download movies and series for free to our computer and really today it almost makes no sense unless it is for specific cases.

Gnula is an interesting option that works for the moment (unlike sofacine that no longer exists), to watch movies online without programs but remember to be careful with advertising and install some extension to block popups like Adblock plus.

Keep in mind that Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video and other platforms have the option to download the series and movies to watch them without an Internet connection.

how to download free movies

Download series and documentaries

Indeed, in many of these search engines, you can find television series to download.

You can start by seeing Breaking Bad, My name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, The Computing, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, New Girl or Modern Family that for me are the best.

You have a complete list of series ranked from best to worst by users in a spectacular ranking on imdb.

And to download and watch free documentaries is Which one do you like?I recommend you read:

  • How to download free music
  • How to download free books

Programs to download free movies

There are countless programs to download free movies online.

Nowadays, the truth is that I do not recommend using this type of program since we have alternatives, as I have told you, much more interesting that allows us to save time, money and headaches against possible viruses or attacks.

However, here is the list of the 3 best programs to download movies and series for free for both Torrent-type downloads (files are shared among users), as traditional:

  1. uTorrent: One of the best-known programs to download movies and series for free with Torrent and any type of content. You install it, you search websites with Torrent type links like the ones mentioned above and the program starts managing the downloads. It even has an app for Android and a version for Windows, Mac and Linux
  2. BitTorrent: This is a clone of uTorrent although BitTorrent if I remember correctly it came out earlier. App for Android and version for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  3. Jdownloader: Free and open-source program that manages the download of websites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare or similar.

ATTENTION! Be very careful to install programs such as Ares, Emule (it stopped being updated in 2010), iMesh or similar that no longer exist or that are not on the official page since they will infect your computer with spyware, advertising or viruses.


Pay a flat rate with NetflixHBO or your pay TV operator and you will save many hours looking for movies. You already know that time is money. You will also prevent your computer from becoming infected with viruses.

Do you want to watch movies and series for FREE? Try Amazon Prime Video for 30 days for FREE :

  • Offline content anywhere
  • Identify actors and songs
  • Free 1 day shipping

Amazon Prime Video for FREE!

I want to know your opinion!

Did you already know these systems to download movies for free and watch them online? Do you use any of them? How did they work for you? How often do you watch movies?

Tell me in the comments!


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